About Tim Webber

Tim Webber
is a senior news/internet journalism and computer science double major at Drake University in Des Moines, IA.

Originally from Olathe, KS, Webber was the editor-in-chief of Drake’s student-run campus newspaper, the Times-Delphic during his junior year at Drake. In addition, Webber has also worked as a freelance journalist, submitting work to various websites, as well as a social media moderator, controlling Facebook and Twitter accounts for websites and organizations.


Webber has been interested in journalism from a young age. In elementary school, Webber created and printed custom newspapers for his family containing whatever news he found interesting, as well as lots and lots of printer ink.

In middle and high school, Webber worked on staff at school publications, including the newspaper and yearbook. Upon graduating, he enrolled at Drake University (Class of ’17), where he would begin to contribute to the school paper, the Times-Delphic.

The Times-Delphic

Webber is the current editor-in-chief of the Times-Delphic, overseeing a staff of fifteen students and publishing a weekly, 12-page edition.

In the spring of 2014, Webber joined the Times-Delphic as the Student Senate beat writer, covering the organization’s weekly meetings for the publication. Due to scheduling conflicts, Webber dropped that beat in the fall of 2014, but wrote more frequently for the publication, covering stories in the news, features, and opinions sections.

The following semester, Webber became a regular member of the Times-Delphic staff, in the position of multimedia editor. His responsibilities in this role include maintaining the Times-Delphic website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Webber also wrote the weekly TD+ e-newsletter, which debuted in March 2015 to positive reviews.

A full archive of Webber’s work with the Times-Delphic can be found here.

Drum Corps International

Webber spent the summer of 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana interning with Drum Corps International (DCI). DCI is a non-profit organization which holds annual competitions across the country. It’s perhaps best described as professional marching band, but it’s better to see an example than read a description.

Webber’s roles with DCI included writing event recaps and feature stories throughout the summer, as well as assisting with social media accounts at select events. He also gained modest experience in photography and reporting for audio/video in the internship.

Other work

Webber is a writer for Royals Review, a blog about the Kansas City Royals on the SB Nation network. He often writes both analytical and satirical pieces for the site. He also regularly contributes to Arrowhead Pride (covering the Kansas City Chiefs) through “fanposts.” A full archive of his work can be found here.

Webber has contributed work to a number of other websites. He has been a freelance reporter for WisPolitics.com, covering Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker when he eyed a presidential run in Des Moines in 2015.

Computer Science

While Webber primarily focuses on journalism, he is also proficient in computer science. Webber’s work in computer science leans towards data analytics and machine learning, and his capstone used machine learning algorithms to create baseball projection systems.

Among the languages he has worked in:

  • Java
  • C++
  • Python
  • Perl
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ML
  • MIPS


Other Experience

Webber works as a site administrator for scioly.org, a website dedicated to helping middle and high school students participating in the Science Olympiad activity. His roles include managing the site’s social media accounts, patrolling the student-compiled wiki and image gallery, and providing help to students whenever possible.